Strix Leviathan – Series Seed News Coverage

The media responded enthusiastically to news of our $1.625 million seed round closing. Below is a listing of some of highlights. It was an exciting week for the team, which was already pressing forward on creation of the Strix Leviathan Platform.

Cryptocurrency market infrastructure is woefully immature. This means that trading these currencies is a real challenge for “power users” like institutions and enterprises. There’s a wide range of exchanges, each with nuanced differences in their trading interfaces. Each has unique (and often poor quality) APIs, as there can be thousands of trading pairs to manage and document. That’s the problem Strix Leviathan aims to solve, and the seed round means we’re off to the races in making that solution a reality.

There’s more coming in the months ahead, so stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter (@StrixLeviathan) to keep current on what we’re cooking up!

– Jesse Proudman
Founder and CEO