April 2021 – Market Commentary

Bitcoin finally printed a down month of -1.7% after six consecutive months of upward momentum. While a ~2% loss is more or less flat in the world of crypto, April marks three months of consolidation in the $50k to $60k range. Many other cryptocurrencies continued to...

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March 2021 – Market Commentary

March was absent of any clear demonstration of upward or downward trend as Bitcoin swung between a wide range of printing a new all-time-high on March 13th at $61.5k before swiftly falling back to $51k and then back again (finishing at roughly the same price level...

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February 2021 – Market Commentary

Euphoria took hold in February with many smaller less liquid coins printing eye-popping gains. The bellwethers of the space also soared as Bitcoin and Ethereum traded to new ATHs above $57k and $2k, respectively. As these markets have a way of doing, cryptocurrencies...

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January 2021 – Market Commentary

2021 kicked off with a boom as prices rocketed upward in the first week of the year with Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high of $40.3k on January 8th. Ethereum followed shortly after and printed a new all-time high of $1,413, eclipsing the previous high that was set...

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December 2020 – Market Commentary

Bullish sentiment continued throughout December as Bitcoin climbed to a new high of $29k, setting the largest monthly percentage gain since June 2019 and a 304% yearly return. Lost in the frenzy of institutional Bitcoin adoption is the broad-based strength across the...

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November 2020 Market Commentary

November 2020 will forever be remembered as the month that Bitcoin climbed to $19,849 establishing a new all-time high and eclipsing the previous mark set nearly three years ago in December 2017. Lost in the barrage of Bitcoin news and narratives is that this is a...

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