Investment Philosophy

RISK-FIRST MINDSET : A deep understanding of the unique risks inherent in the cryptocurrency asset class is complemented by our technical expertise in implementing industry-leading risk management systems. This risk-first approach underpins our investment strategies, ensuring robust capital preservation and sustainable, long-term growth for our clients.

QUANTITATIVE APPROACH : We employ best practices of the scientific method and cutting-edge statistical modeling to develop and execute our investment strategies. By rigorously testing hypotheses and continuously refining our models, we aim to deliver consistent, repeatable results across a diversified portfolio of signals, strategies, and digital assets. 

DISCIPLINED APPLICATION : A strict systematic approach to mitigate discretionary bias and behavioral deficiencies in a highly uncertain and volatile trading environment.

“Investors truly do make the same mistakes over and over. It may be different people doing it each time, and usually they do it in new fields and in connection with new assets, but it is the same behavior.”

– Howard Marks, Chairman and Co-Founder of Oaktree Capital Management


Strix Leviathan Nest Fund

The Fund employs a systematic approach to portfolio allocation across a diversified basket of digital assets. Through the utilization of quantitative models, the fund aims to optimize risk-adjusted returns and navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency market. The Nest Fund’s investment process is designed to adapt to evolving market conditions and provide investors with strategic exposure to the digital asset space. Our experienced team combines a rigorous research approach along with a nearly decade long track-record in the digital asset space to deliver a robust, model-driven investment solution in the complex cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Strix Leviathan Aurora Fund

The Fund pursues a market-neutral yield generation strategy through liquidity provision, basis-trading, and arbitrage on decentralized financial (DeFi) platforms. The Fund seeks to capitalize on inefficiencies in the nascent DeFi market while maintaining hedged exposure to market beta. By providing essential liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem, the Aurora Fund aims to generate consistent returns that are uncorrelated to the broader cryptocurrency market. Our rigorous risk management framework and commitment to transparency underpin the fund’s approach to delivering steady yields in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.